Welcome to twin staking!

Ticker: TWIN1

Pool-ID: aa3d1049e013e84d811e684b63378790fdce0b7a16a71938c1602164  

Margin Fee: 0,5%

Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (minimal fee)

Pledge: 100.000 ADA

Location: Germany

Total Stake: ₳

Total Blocks:

Epoch Blocks:

ROA: %

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About twin staking

Low Fees

As we take only 0,5% of the rewards to cover our operating costs, 99,5% of the staking rewards will remain for our delegators. This results in a higher return of investment (ROI) for you.  

Availability and reliable staking

24/7/365 uptime and monitoring 

Our pool runs on separated physical servers for the core and relay nodes.

Additionally to our main core node, we run a backup node that comes into play in case of any unlikely technical difficulties. Redundancy is covered. 

To deal with any fluctuations of the power grid, all our servers are linked to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


Stake safely via your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. Your funds will never leave your wallet. To inform yourself how to delegate properly, check out our delegation guide.


TWIN1 is based right in the center of Germany. You profit from a reliable power grid and a highspeed internet-connection (1 Gbit/s).


No minimum stake is required. As we have set our pool-pledge to 100.000 ADA, you profit from our funds while also being assured that we have the intrinsic motivation to run our pool reliably and efficiently.

Pool cost

The fixed fee of 340 ADA is set by the developers as a mandatory pool cost. Depending on the current price of ADA that amount might change over time. 

Environmental friendly

A low energy consumption allows us to treat the environment responsibly while also being able to operate at low costs.


Our wide scientific background allows us to do our own research and to handle a scientific-driven project like Cardano appropriately.


We are always pleased to help you with enquiries of any sort. To ensure an appropriate communication we would like to point out that we are multilingual and are able to speak English, French and German.

Our track record

In late 2019 we started running our first passive node on the ITN. This allowed us to get familiar with the software and gave us a good insight on what is necessarry to maintain a Cardano node. In early 2020 TWIN1 was created and we made our first experiences concerning pool operation. This includes the work with „Jormungandr“ (the specific pool software) and the tool „jcli“ (a signature tool). With ITN coming to an end, we had the conceptual and the procedual knowledge to run, maintain and observe our pool accordingly.

HTN brought some big changes such as a switch from the programming language „RUST“ to „Haskell“. With this move the procedure of setting up a pool and maintaining it changed significantly. To practice all the steps needed and to professionalize we participated in every Haskell Testnet that was launched. This added up to 7 separate participations in the HTN. During this time we created several pools, modified their parameters and observed how our modifications affected the overall pool performance to be sufficiently prepared for the launch of Shelley Mainnet.  

The Shelley Mainnet was initiated by a „Hardfork Combinator Event“ (HCE) where the old chain got merged with the new chain, so the Cardano ecosystem finally moved from Byron to Shelley. About two hours after the HCE, TWIN1 was spun up without any complications and it was ready to serve as a staking pool. The experiences gathered during the several testnets paid out.

TWIN1 created its first block in epoch 211. This was the first epoch of Shelley Mainnet. We are very proud of being one oft he few pools that can consider themselves as „Genesis Pool“ as only a few community pools had the luck of forging a block in this first epoch and by that initiating a new era of the Cardano ecosystem. Block 4562937 marked this milestone for us.

Since then our pool is up and running reliably. We try to ensure consistency for our delegators by not changing our parameters that were set in the beginning as we are aware of the fact that delegating is an important financial decision where people want to be sure that the pools are running accordingly and that the pool parameters are not changed too often for reasons of trust, integrity and transparency. A policy we will also persue in future.  

As Cardano is developing very fast, there are several updates and new features that are published nearly every week. To ensure the functionality of our mainnet pool, we set up a TWIN1-Testpool on the current Shelley Testnet to test and to use new tools and updates already in advance (already more than 3000 blocks forged). Besides that we are always very curious about what is coming next and we are always looking forward to discover new features as soon as they are available. The experiences during the ITN and HTN encouraged us that previous testing is very helpful and should be considered when operating a pool as Cardano is developing very fast and the need of staying up to date is unavoidable.

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