Welcome to twin staking!

Ticker: TWIN1

Pool-ID: aa3d1049e013e84d811e684b63378790fdce0b7a16a71938c1602164  

Margin Fee: 0,5%

Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (minimal fee)

Pledge: 100.000 ADA

Location: Germany

Total Stake: ₳

Total Blocks:

Epoch Blocks:

ROA: %

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About twin staking

Low Fees

As we take only 0,5% of the rewards to cover our operating costs, 99,5% of the staking rewards will remain for our delegators. This results in a higher return of investment (ROI) for you.  

Availability and reliable staking

24/7/365 uptime and monitoring 

Our pool runs on separated physical servers for the core and relay nodes.

Additionally to our main core node, we run a backup node that comes into play in case of any unlikely technical difficulties. Redundancy is covered. 

To deal with any fluctuations of the power grid, all our servers are linked to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


Stake safely via your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. Your funds will never leave your wallet. To inform yourself how to delegate properly, check out our delegation guide.


TWIN1 is based right in the center of Germany. You profit from a reliable power grid and a highspeed internet-connection (1 Gbit/s).


No minimum stake is required. As we have set our pool-pledge to 100.000 ADA, you profit from our funds while also being assured that we have the intrinsic motivation to run our pool reliably and efficiently.

Pool cost

The fixed fee of 340 ADA is set by the developers as a mandatory pool cost. Depending on the current price of ADA that amount might change over time. 

Environmental friendly

A low energy consumption allows us to treat the environment responsibly while also being able to operate at low costs.


Our wide scientific background allows us to do our own research and to handle a scientific-driven project like Cardano appropriately.


We are always pleased to help you with enquiries of any sort. To ensure an appropriate communication we would like to point out that we are multilingual and are able to speak English, French and German.

Usefull tools and ressources


For any inquiries please email

or contact us on Twitter and Telegram